welcome to
honeybee design

Honeybee started with shared interest in the creative process — thinking about how products are made, how they could be made, how revolutionary 3D printing is, and every combination of these ideas. At heart, we are creators and honeybee is the product of bringing our ideas to life. We are so happy to finally share our work with you and have you join us on this creative journey.

We are currently a team of two excited about the possibilities in the 3D printing and design space. When we first dabbled with 3D printing, we were immediately in awe of the process of conceptualizing, modeling, prototyping, and having our work become real layer by layer. It gave us the ability to make things for ourselves, our friends, and family. It was our new creative medium and through much trial and error we found our way to lighting design.

As we thought about the spaces we wanted to create for, we realized that light was filled with so much possibility. Light can change the way the we feel, the way we work and play and think. It defines so much of our everyday and we wanted to be a part of that.

On the outside, we are a small studio utilizing 3D printing to design and sustainably produce beautiful products. But for us, we are simply friends giving shape to our ideas, trying new things, and enjoying the journey that is design.

- Honeybee Design Team